If you make photoshop cs6 download, you will notice a Timeline and video files, which now can be edited in the same way as in Premiere and dozens of other video editors. Along with this opportunity, work with the video became available to a wider audience, as they were moved from Extended edition to the Standard.

The only "trick" of Extended edition is the work with 3D. Is it worth to lay out $ 300 extra? Or, are there any ways to find adobe photoshop cs6 download for free? If we were talking about tools for working with 3D, available in CS5, the answer would be the same - no, not worth it. However, in the new "Photoshop" they went to a whole new level. Tools for working with 3D-objects that are available in the version Extended, basically need graphic designers who want to diversify the surround effects of the text. By using the extrusion of text and then working with it in 3D-mode, you can create interesting effects that are not comparable to those, available using the Layer Style Bevel & Emboss.

Editing three-dimensional objects in CS6 is done directly in the work area. Extruded text can be rotated, moved in three dimensions, change the camera view, adjust lighting, select materials. For manipulation has been used the above-mentioned new palette of Properties, on which there are elements of the set of three-dimensional scene. The components themselves are in a hierarchical structure on the palette 3D.

In Photoshop, you can not only work with plain text, but also with the spheres, cubes and other simple 3D-primitives. To edit three-dimensional surface, yet is not possible, however, CS6 is much easier to manipulate than before.

Another improvement that can not be overlooked - all 3D- objects in Photoshop CS6 cast shadows. Even if the three-dimensional component of the scene contains only a single object, it will still cast a shadow on a notional plane, which is always present in the project.

Portrayal of shadows is done in real time without the need to visualize and it is really impressive.